Finding Grounding in Gratitude

via Penelope Dullaghan

As of lately, I’ve had a strong feeling of needing personal grounding. I view grounding as an aid to being spiritually well. For me this looks like being present, appreciating life, realizing everything is connected, and feeling peace. By definition being grounded means to be well balanced and sensible (via google dictionary).

I’m currently exploring different ways to be grounded. I’ve read about people finding grounding through meditation, being in nature, or utilizing mindfulness techniques.  There are many practices but it really goes back to what resonates with the individual. A practice that has been pivotal in my own life thus far has been expressing gratitude daily. It sounds like a super simple action but it is so easy to forget. Why? Unfortunately, complaining or being pre-occupied with the future and what we don’t have can be easier for us than expressing gratitude (yikes). We live in a world that implicitly tells us we always need more, to think of the next thing, and to compare ourselves to others. It’s always go-go-go, both mind and body. But moments to just be still are indispensable.   

Prior to utilizing gratitude for grounding, I felt really low. I felt less than, like I didn’t have enough, like others were always doing better than me. It was difficult to identify positive things about my life and myself. I was caught up looking at other people water their grass, not paying attention to my own. If you asked me what I wasn’t happy about I could make you a list or two or nine. But if you asked me what I was happy about, what I was grateful for; I was stumped. This energy ultimately led to me attracting people, places, and things that were operating the same way, in lack. Operating from a place of lack is to be living in negativity. It was one thing for me to be this way but realizing it was all around me weighed even more heavily. I needed a shift of focus and mindset. Starting with gratitude changed the game for me completely. 

Gratitude brings us back to center. It helps us shift our perspective on where we are in life. It cultivates joy. I made a commitment to gratitude when I found myself focusing more on lack than the abundance already present in my life (whew, I won’t take y’all to church today but know that’s a word). I started verbally saying at least 3 things I was grateful for before I got out of bed each day. Saying 3 things was simple; saying something different each day was more challenging than I anticipated. It forced me to truly reflect on my life and count my blessings. Expressing gratitude opened my eyes to what I was taking for granted. It made me realize how many previous prayers and manifestations of mine had come to fruition. There was so much more I had than what I thought I did not.  Being grateful for 3 things before leaving bed turned into consistently journaling long lists of things! It’s a process. 

Gratitude has opened my eyes and grounded me simultaneously. I work at it daily. There are times I slip back into old ways of thinking but I circle back to gratitude now when I catch myself. Ultimately, you can’t have or be more until you appreciate where you are. It’s about being grateful now. 

2 thoughts on “Finding Grounding in Gratitude

  1. Right on time. This has been the word I’ve been working on so hard. Gratitude. Very much easier said than done lol but the process gives so much hope and focus to align how I want and know my life should be. A word! Thank you! ❤


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