2020 Reflective Journaling

2020 has been a year. We’ve been through a lot and by grace have made it to the end. It truly is a blessing to still be here, healthy, safe, and looking forward. These 12 months felt like a blur with so much happening so fast but also so slow? This is why I felt reflection at this time is necessary. Reflective journaling is helpful for recalling, analyzing, gaining clarity, and processing what has happened.

Reflection isn’t about the highlight reel, it’s about examining all the footage, everything. We need the highs and the lows; life is about balance. But in the midst of these reflections I had to remember to show myself grace. No hard feelings, no negative self talk, just plainly assessing and accepting my year. Additionally, I remember to have gratitude for these past 12 months. I am so grateful for who I am walking out of this year as. I hope you are too and if you aren’t, today is a new day to walk as that person.

No matter what this year has been for you, you’ve made it through. That alone is powerful. We need to remember how we got to this very moment. Our past memories, feelings, wins, lessons, gains, and losses are valuable. They are all part of our experience. We have to hold space for ourselves to both process and celebrate. Balance. I encourage you to reflect on what your 2020 and visualize what you want your 2021 to be. I’ve created this brief prompt to get our minds going and put our experiences into perspective. I hope it provides an outlet for release. Enjoy and happy almost New Year! 

Happy writing! Full Prompt via PDF Download is below

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