Friendship in Womanhood

via unknown So as of September 11th, 2020 Netflix added one of our nostalgic girly favorites—Girlfriends. The early 2000’s series recently celebrated its 20-year anniversary showcasing the everyday lives of four unique Black women navigating adulthood, romance, friendship, and everything in between. Everyone was eager to dive back into the series many of us indulged … Continue reading Friendship in Womanhood

Love is Actually..

post breakfast via @dashthegreat Recently I’ve been reading ‘All About Love’ by Bell Hooks, a recent addition to my paperback collection. Having heard how moving and insightful it had been for others I figured it was time to give it a read. To read literature written by a Black woman with the intent to have … Continue reading Love is Actually..

Stop Asking Women When They’re Getting Married

via @milkandcreamcreative on Instagram "So, how much longer?" "Are you even looking?" "Don't you think it's time to settle down?"said everyone There are far better questions to ask women other than those that tie her worth to another person. 'So how much longer?' 'Are you looking?' 'Don’t you think its time to settle down?' These … Continue reading Stop Asking Women When They’re Getting Married