Talk About It — Communication x Health Benefits

Is your communication style improving or impairing your wellbeing? How we communicate impacts our health more than we think. The things we choose to say or not say make all the difference. From advocating for ourselves to relationships with others---- how we express ourselves is important.  We originally learn to communicate from who and how … Continue reading Talk About It — Communication x Health Benefits

Friendship in Womanhood

via unknown So as of September 11th, 2020 Netflix added one of our nostalgic girly favorites—Girlfriends. The early 2000’s series recently celebrated its 20-year anniversary showcasing the everyday lives of four unique Black women navigating adulthood, romance, friendship, and everything in between. Everyone was eager to dive back into the series many of us indulged … Continue reading Friendship in Womanhood

Love is Actually..

post breakfast via @dashthegreat Recently I’ve been reading ‘All About Love’ by Bell Hooks, a recent addition to my paperback collection. Having heard how moving and insightful it had been for others I figured it was time to give it a read. To read literature written by a Black woman with the intent to have … Continue reading Love is Actually..

Working Across to Advance: An Overlooked Act of Resistance

via @pollynor on Instagram Amidst the state of the world responding to the injustices of Black people, I can’t help but notice a surge of collaboration. The climate has launched us into a new space of union. Black folks are coming together to organize, support one another, and share information for social change -- for … Continue reading Working Across to Advance: An Overlooked Act of Resistance

Black Folks, Y’all Alright?

via @4ur3lia on Instagram The world as we know it has become a different place. A few pieces ago (The Quarantine is Perfect for Boring Self-Care) I briefly discussed Covid19 and many countries having their residents in quarantine. While some places are flattening the curve, others are opening back up to ‘normal’. But for Black … Continue reading Black Folks, Y’all Alright?

Our Pain and Our Parents

via on Instagram Journeying through adulthood has an interesting way of forcing us to look at how our parental relationships have shaped us. Our habits, temperament, behavior, relationships, personality, and way of living are all very telling. If we’re being mindful, we prioritize introspection surrounding these things. This self-examination gives us space to ask … Continue reading Our Pain and Our Parents

There’s No Such Thing As Sexual Assault Prevention

'Mythophobia' - 2018 - watercolor and pen via @lauracallaghanillustration on Instagram It feels like we only discuss sexual assault, collectively, on social media. Sighs. But, talking about it via socials is helping erase the taboo surrounding something so familiar to many. As much as people would like to act like rape and other sexual violence … Continue reading There’s No Such Thing As Sexual Assault Prevention

The Quarantine is Perfect for Boring Self-Care

via @makedaisychains on Instagram Covid19 has been one of the biggest disturbances of 2020 thus far. The whole world is shook right now. Stores are out of toilet paper, certain cities have curfew, and flight prices are nearly cut in half. These are crazy times we’re living in. The majority if not all of us … Continue reading The Quarantine is Perfect for Boring Self-Care

Let’s Normalize Women Consuming Cannabis

via @acaballz on Instagram Weed, grass, marijuana, green, ganja, herb, cannabis - all names we are familiar with that refer to the taboo green plant. What's even more taboo is the relationship between women and cannabis. We seldom see these terms coupled together. We’ve all heard statements like: ‘it isn’t lady-like’, ‘women don’t smoke’, ‘it’s … Continue reading Let’s Normalize Women Consuming Cannabis

How to Feel Better When You Don’t Know WTF You’re Doing

via @pollynor on Instagram “WTF am I doing?” A 6 word question that I’m sure most of us have asked ourselves when we’ve entered a space of feeling generally lost about a major life element (or plural, elements). Feeling disoriented about our career path or purpose in life or identity or relationships or beliefs can … Continue reading How to Feel Better When You Don’t Know WTF You’re Doing