The Quarantine is Perfect for Boring Self-Care

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Covid19 has been one of the biggest disturbances of 2020 thus far. The whole world is shook right now. Stores are out of toilet paper, certain cities have curfew, and flight prices are nearly cut in half. These are crazy times we’re living in. The majority if not all of us are quarantined at home by instruction to keep the virus from spreading. Staying home for this extended period time has been frustrating for some and paradise for others (introverts, Tauruses, etc. lol). For the bulk of us, we have this new surplus time we don’t know exactly how to spend. Social media especially has been the hub of people sharing what they’ve begun investing their time in. People are reading, resting, cooking, binging shows, creating, and most importantly performing acts of self-care. 

Self-care has declared its place at the front of our lives and not necessarily by choice. We are required to be more health conscious at this time, more mindful. We are encouraged from every direction to take care of ourselves. ‘Boring self-care’ is most definitely part of this wellness and actually a big part of my daily routine. I discovered ‘boring self-care’ via illustrator Hannah Daily who created a project series of drawings in 2018 dedicated to these acts.  She specifically aimed to shed light on how the acts she depicts are often challenging to those with mental health issues, chronic illness, and disability. 

From her work, we see this type of self care depicted as the activities necessary to live life. “Boring self care is survival” quoted Daily. She’s drawn examples that range from simple actions such as taking a shower to making important calls we’ve pushed aside. Boring self-care is about doing what’s best for us even if it isn’t the most exciting or interesting thing to do. It may sound simple or obvious but being mindful about meeting our most fundamental needs is important.

This time in quarantine is undoubtedly forced isolation. We are separated from family, friends, and spaces to be social. This can take a toll on our mental state and be a triggering time. As social creatures, we need interaction, we need connection. This tough time can cause our minds to drift off to so many places that we may forget about our well-being. Not just our physical health, we know that this is priority. But, our mental, emotional, and spiritual health have to be catered to. Boring self-care reminds us to get back to the basics and get grounded through the small things. It reminds us that taking time to do the more simple tasks we overlook is important. It reminds us that meeting our basic needs and practicing care for ourselves are accomplishments.

Whether you’re feeling great and tending to your mental health or feeling low and out of it, ‘boring self-care’ is a necessity. We have all this time to do the little things. We can now make time to open the mail we’ve let pile up, have that important conversation (virtually ofc), catch up on laundry, etc. Do what you can. I know for me, practicing ‘boring-self care’ has helped me keep some type of organization in my life with all this chaos. I feel good after doing something I’ve put off for some time or forgot about, no matter the reason. It’s important and helps keep us grounded in gratitude, for the simple things. 

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